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Navigating Through Life
Join the adventure as Christina navigates through the many situations in life in which we need to get out the compass. The Bible is the compass in this devo-style work. A truthful takeaway is always offered - no apologies for the often-times hard to take lesson. Come back often. You never know what you may glean.

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Christina Will Review It
Anyone can write a review, but how accurately stated and objective are most commercial reviews? Carefully screened manufacturer submitted products and services are analyzed in simple, easy to understand descriptions. Christina may give a product or service a bad review, but it is always peppered with Words of Grace.

Whether an independent book reviews, publisher program review or manufacturer submitted product or service - Christina will review it. Visit

Christina's Living On The Mountain Series can be found at in the Insights For Today Section. Peace is the topic covered in each entry.

Your Story
Send your thoughts - go ahead and ramble -  or your criticisms. Christina can handle it. Go ahead ask the hard questions but be prepared to have your words written in black and white - for a future  forum TBD. Your submission is your permission to be printed as stated.

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