Christina Grace Donato


Christina recently enthusiastically accepted the invitation to be a part of Kathy Carlton Willis Communications

Kathy Carlton Willis
Light & Lively: His Reflection/Her Laughter

Kathy Carlton Willis enjoys fiddling with words as writer, editor, writer's coach, speaker, and more. She's been in the industry since 2002 and has built a network of connections. She is frequently invited to speak at Christian writers' conferences. Her affiliations include: Advanced Writers and Speakers Association, Christian Humor Writers, Advanced CLASSeminars, and others.

Kathy is a contributing author for The Reason We Speak, It Happened By Design,: A Series of God Incidence Stories, and Groovy Chicks' Road Trip To Peace. Hundreds of her columns and articles have appeared online and in print publications.

Kathy has a background in newspaper journalism as copyeditor and feature writer. She team leads the devotionals for The Christian Pulse., and is adept at editing according to CMS and AP style.

Kathy has promoted writers in the industry for several years. In July 2007, she opened Kathy Carlton Willis Communications to bring exposure to the works of writers, speakers and conferences. She has a varied client list, and passionately seeks creative ways to garner media attention (radio, television, newspaper, magazine, internet and blog tours).

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