Christina Grace Donato

Biography of Christina Grace Donato

Born and raised in suburban New Jersey, C.G. Donato had spent her early years putting pen to paper as she struggled to find her way in a world that did not understand her sensitive nature in regard to humans treating humans badly. Writing was a way to vent and reading books was a way to escape the world in which she struggled to understand. C.G. spent her summers with her three sisters in Long Beach Island, New Jersey (a barrier island of Atlantic City). She vividly remembers working summer jobs as early as 15 years of age, learning the value of a dollar and the joy of summer sun and surf for 90 days straight without seeing the parental unit for five straight days at a time. Ever since her earliest days, she loved reading and writing but abhorred arithmatic.

C.G. left New Jersey in 1984 to attend Widener University in Wilmington, Delaware . She studied culinary arts later leading to a B.S. in Hospitality Management from Florida International University in Tamiami, Florida, However, she could not escape the allure of writing and quickly began studying to become a better writer. Having read the entire Left Behind series in one summer, C.G. stumbled upon the Jerry B. Jenkins Christian's Writer's Guild. She enrolled and studied under  the tutelage of mentor Sandra B. Aldrich, author of many books. After fulfilling the two-year committment in the Apprentice Course, C.G. continued on in the second level Journeyman with the oh so wise Eva Marie Everson

C.G. chose the non-fiction track for that course, which was all about drafting and beginning a non-fiction work. This one- year course ended with a focused book idea in place ready to be penned.

In preparing for her book drafting adventure, C.G. began reading and writing every chance she had. She became an independent reviewer and began receiving complimentary books from Book Sneeze which is the Thomas Nelson Book Review house. From gift books to children's books to business books and non-fictional devotional style works,  C.G.'s love of reading was being fed. C.G. soon began networking and getting into a regular schedule of writing. Once she began typing, she never stopped.

C.G. soon had chapter outlines and then chapters, endorsements and volunteers willing to review her manuscript. She decided to slow the pace with her writing for a few months, to take a step back and let God move so she would be assured she was sharing exactly what she was supposed to be sharing.

She purchased a voice recorder and began interviewing those in the prison ministry, and listened to their stories. "I became a student of those who loved the Lord behind bars", she recalls. A year later, C.G. finished her book draft  C.G. then began writing non-fictional devotionals for several online magazines. The future is bright and C.G. is prepared to look directly into the light as she had decided long ago to wear those rose-colored glasses. She is smiling. And most likely the Lord is smiling too.


Her heart is in Prison Ministry. 
Visit for mentoring those behind bars. 

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